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Property Location: 2213 Conway Cove, Round Rock, TX

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Add an aerial view!

Adding an aerial view allows your potential buyer the opportunity to get a bird's eye view. Google maps are often behind or inaccurate, with our licensed drone pilots, you can get an accurate and current video of the property.

Aerial maps are useful for aiding in the sale of land. For those considering buying large areas of real estate, an up-to-date aerial map can be of considerable value in determining if the property is right for them. If you have ever looked at a standard satellite image, you know that the detail is often lacking. Drone mapping can solve that clarity issue. A highly detailed aerial map allows for insight into the property details without requiring a client to be there in person. And with the help of a licensed land surveyor, contour lines and accurate borders can even be overlaid onto the imagery.  

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A Visual View from above, site overview and more.
  Maps give farmers the power to quickly analyze your crops and provide crucial data to guide decision making. Using NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) imagery, a farmer with proper training can determine the health of his field and make important decisions in real time. Instead of walking the whole crop or traversing the field with a tractor, with our drone services, we can semi-autonomously produce a map and point out areas of trouble. This means that those in agriculture can save time, increase crop yield, and ultimately, improve their bottom line. Some major drone companies that are focusing on agriculture include


The construction industry greatly benefits from drone mapping. Maps can be used to regularly update your construction industry on the progress of your projects, analyze stockpiles of raw materials such as dirt and gravel, or even generate 3D models of construction sites. These maps help construction managers obtain the “big picture” and assist in strategic decision making.



Roof damage inspection

Don't take chances injuring yourself climbing on steep roofs, Let us inspect them for you with our drone services. We will provide you with 60-150 photos that are taken in a very systematic sequence of the house, grounds, and roof . Plus, we will include an aerial video of the property. Our fee is a flat $100.00 within a 50 mile radius.  Call for more information. (512)575-9391 or (512) 952-3600 Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot

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Pphoto/video editing, DVD/CD coping, VHS to DVD, Animation Video, 360 Virtual tours/Stores